A New Dark Age Has Begun

By 2052, the American Dream has become a nightmare. While elections are still held every four years, they’ve become little more than spectacles played out to give the theocratic government a veneer of legitimacy. Most Americans live below the poverty line, and one third live on the streets. Some resort to cannibalism to get by and all quiver in fear of the Inquisitors, female telepathic assassins who police the populous for thought crimes and who act as judge, jury, and executioner.

And in the shadows, lurks an even greater evil, something that goes about unseen, for America’s downfall had come about not by chance, but by design. We are all held hostage by unimaginable forces, who see us as nothing more than pieces on a chess board.

Darkness in America and its eight sequels takes place in a massive universe that spans millions of years. The stories below flesh out the back stories of some of the individuals and factions that inhabit it, a few of which you will not encounter until much later in the series.


October 25, 2018


    Chapters: 14    Pages: 69    Word Count: 16,926    Genre: Science Fiction/Political Drama/War Story

    Major Samantha Wethermain has only wanted one thing: to serve the nation she loves. However, as civi...

August 4, 2018


     Chapters: 19   Pages: 93    Word Count: 29,173     Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Adventure

     The dark times have begun. Billy Wellman and Mellissa Pavlovich failed to stop Grego...

July 19, 2018

    Chapters: 5   Pages: 19   Word Count: 5,122   Genre: Science Fiction/Action

    A free Nephilim, Katy Adams has fought against the evil Cabal all her life. She knows nothing else, even though she desires to have a family of he...

April 28, 2018

The Conspiracy is a sequel to The Sacrifice and The Signal.

     Everette Samson followed his boss, former CIA director Allen Dulles, down a hallway. Their footsteps echoed across its cement floors. His hair stood on edge, and his breathing quickened. Everette tried to...

February 9, 2018

    Chapters: 6     Pages: 28    Word Count: 7,551    Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/War Story


      In the distant past, in a time long forgotten, the Elder Races numbered in the hundreds an...

February 8, 2018

The Signal


Ryan F. Gassien

    Spacetime started as no bigger than an atom. Everything within our universe – from the largest galaxy to the tiniest of particles – once fit in an area so small that it could only be observed with a powerful microscope. Then 13.82 billion...

July 13, 2017

    Chapters: 8    Pages: 48    Word Count: 13,657   Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Adventure

    Chapter 1: The Politicians


     Two reporters stood in the media pen within a packed stadium of sixty...

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