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Character Biographies

These are characters you will encounter in the short stories on this website or in the novel Darkness in America, though the novel's three main protagonists (Amanda Richards, Detective Matt Berkeley and Three Seven B Eight) are not listed below. You will have to buy the main book if you want to learn about them.


The Three Sevens

The original Three Seven was Catherina Pavlovich, but she died at the hands of her twin brother, Supreme Inquisitor Abbot. She had since been cloned. All future Three Sevens are given the title Inquisitor Catherina after passing the Trial of the Inquisitor. Being clones, they look identical to Catherina Pavlovich, though some have changed their appearance by growing longer hair or getting eye transplants to pass as human. Three Seven B Two even gave herself a new name: Katy Adams. Catherine Hemmingway was another Three Seven. She was a crew member of the United Earth Starship Horizon and played a role in its destruction. A third is the White Lady. Almost nothing is known of her, save that she is a Three Seven that later became an Emissary. There have so far been eight generations of the Three Seven Inquisitor model. All Three Sevens are as powerful as Supreme Inquisitor Abbot and thus unlike the other Inquisitors, poses a genuine threat to his rule. Why Abbot chooses to have more Three Sevens cloned is a mystery.

Catherina Pavlovich was first mentioned in the short story Welcome to The Post-Truth World.

Man with a Tattooed Arm

Supreme Inquisitor Abbot

Abbot Pavlovich is the oldest of the living Nephilim, though you wouldn’t know it thanks to Nephilim having an eight-thousand-year lifespan. He was raised by the Cabal and has been brainwashed into believing their Dominionist ideology of world domination. He succeeded Richard Smith as Supreme Inquisitor and is now the leader of the Cabal. Abbot is convinced that his actions will usher in a golden age for mankind, and he will go to any length to carry out his mission. Kamru Mazdah, known to Abbot as the Holy One, preys on his altruism, even having once tricked him into murdering his sister.

Supreme Inquisitor Abbot was first introduced in the short story Welcome to the Post-Truth World.


Kamru Mazdah

Kamru Mazdah is the oldest brother of Queen Shevah. Despite being small for a Vijic, he holds the highest rank any male could achieve in his society: Royal Adviser. Even females of nobility fear to cross him. He is a master manipulator, as well as a sadist. He relishes any opportunity to show off his superior intellect. For the last thousand years, he has been directing human evolution in secret. He has convinced the Cabal that his people are their Heavenly Benefactors, angels sent to Earth by God. What his plans for humanity are is anyone’s guess, but they likely don’t bold well for mankind.

Kamru Mazdah is first encountered as the Holy One in the short story Welcome to the Post-Truth World.


Mellissa Pavlovich Wellman

Mellissa is the daughter of Supreme Inquisitor Abbot and the niece of Catherina Pavlovich. Like her aunt, she has grown disillusioned with her place within the Cabal. She desires to live a normal life: date men, go to college, get married, have kids and start her own business. She falls in love and eventually marries Billy Wellman.

Melissia Wellman first shows up in the short story Welcome To A Post-Truth World.


Billy Wellman

The son of the 37th President of the United States, Billy Wellman enjoyed a successful career as a fighter pilot during the War of the Sands. He loves his father, but believes the President to be misguided and the two have since grown apart. He would later side with Francis Downey in his 2028 third party run against his father. He meets Mellissa Pavlovich around that time. They later get married and have three kids together, and when America falls to the Cabal, seek sanctuary in Canada. By 2052, Billy Wellman is the Prime Minister of Canada and with Brent Adams, funds the Second Underground, an organization dedicated to helping people flee the United States.

Billy Wellman first shows up in the short story Welcome To A Post-Truth World.


Grand Inquisitor Gregory di Conti

Gregory di Conti was the United States’ 38th President between 2029 and 2036, having defeated President Philip Wellman in 2028. He ran on the slogan “Restore American Supremacy.” He is the man most directly responsible for ending America’s republic. During the first hundred days of his presidency, di Conti brought the Second American Civil War to an end, a war that he and his fellow Cabalists had started to get him elected president, by orbital bombarding the rebel states and killing 24 million Americans. In 2032, he detonated a nuclear bomb in Miami and blame his political rivals. He used the incident to get both the Miami Amendments and the Safer Society Act of 2033 passed into law. Not only did they gut the U.S Constitution but it gave the Cabal control of America. Di Conti is also a Grand Inquisitor on the Cabal High Council and is Supreme Inquisitor Abbot’s most trusted adviser.

Gregory di Conti is first encountered in the short story Welcome to the Post-Truth World.


Reverend Martian Joseph Sharply

A long-time friend of the Berkeleys, Reverend Sharply runs the Lord's Fellowship Baptist Church in New York City, as well as a soup kitchen in its basement. He was married once, but his wife died a few years back from a curable form of breast cancer, a common occurrence since Medicare was disbanded and most senior citizens were left uninsured. He presses on, placing his faith in God, and continues to do the Lord’s work. Sharply provides sanctuary to runaway Nephilim, which over the years has included Mellissa Wellman, Katy Adams and Chantel Hildebrand.

Reverend Sharply first shows up in the short story Welcome To A Post-Truth World.


Engineer Un

Despite being somewhat of a legend, having helped save humanity during the Battle of Africa, Engineer Un is an outcast among his people, seen as too individualistic for his own good. In 1947, he found himself once again on Earth, this time marooned when his science vessel crash landed in a corn field. He would befriend Hannah Marshal and President Kennedy and even date Marilyn Monroe. His current whereabouts is a mystery.  

Engineer is first introduced in the short story The Signal.

Beauty in Glam Makeup

Hannah Marshal

Hannah Marshal was a veterinarian living in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Her life would be forever changed when she walked in her clinic to find two extraterrestrials steeling her medical supplies, one of whom happened to be Engineer Un. They have since become best friends, and through Un, she has met powerful individuals including President Kennedy

Hannah Marshal is first introduced in the short story The Signal.


Princess Shakti

Princess Shakti is the oldest child of King Brumah. She is a fearless warrior with few if any peers, and yet she is known best for her compassion and wisdom. Against her father’s wishes, Princess Shakti fought during the War of the Ancients, forming a unit that comprised of various races, and whose members included Princess Mithra, Engineer Un, and Angra Manta. She has a rare skin condition where her skin is pale.

Princess Shakti is first mentioned in The Signal.

Luscious Curls

Chantel Hildebrand

Best friend of Katy Adams, the two grew up together. Katy later persuaded Chantel to leave the Cabal when they were both flagged for “recall.” Chantel is level-headed and pragmatic, often acting as a counterweight to the more impulsive and spirited Katy. As both an African American and a Nephilim, she is uniquely aware of the plight of all Nephilim, who are the modern-day slave. She works to free her sisters and create a world where humans and Nephilim can live together peacefully. Chantel is a clone of Two Four Nine and her Inquisitor designation is Two Four Nine B Two.

Chantel is first encountered in the short story The Intervention.

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